What version of iBATIS are you running?

This was a bug in the past, but has been resolved for a while.  CacheKey uses very explicit equality checks now. 


On 9/5/06, eloy j <unidad.g.eloy@gmail.com> wrote:
Yes, I've experiencing an error with cache.

First Select with vo.setId("AV"), I get some values and they are in cache.
Second Select with vo.setId("B7"). I get the same values, and obviously the values in DB are different.
Debugging I see the behavior that I have commented.

Any ideas.


2006/8/29, Jeff Butler < jeffgbutler@gmail.com >:
This is expected.  You should see that key3.hashCode() == key4.hashCode (), but key3.equals(key4) == false.
The test class com.ibatis.sqlmap.CacheStatementTest has tests for this possibility.
Are you experiencing an error with cache?
Jeff Butler

On 8/29/06, eloy j <unidad.g.eloy@gmail.com > wrote:

If you executes the following code the values are identical:


CacheKey key3 = new CacheKey();

CacheKey key4 = new CacheKey();



System.out.println("Value 1 '" + key3.toString() + "'");

System.out.println("Value 2 '" + key4.toString() + "'");


Perhaps there is confused something to me, but it seems a bug.

Eloy García-Borreguero Melero