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From "Josh Joy" <joshjd...@gmail.com>
Subject dynamic resultmap?
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 00:36:58 GMT
I need two different resultmaps/resultclass.

One resultclass is an "int" for when I do a select count(*).
The second is a resultmap for the actual query.

The query is being filtered (using various where clauses). I need to reuse
this sql fragment for the paging with filtering as well as the count(*) so I
can have this info for my web page.

I also need to do this for a lot of queries. I have a reusable count sql
fragment and paging fragment, and I could just write my sql and then for
each sql have a count and paging which includes my fragments.

Though what I would like to do, is in my DAO, to pass in a single statement
id, though have a findCount and a findPaging which both take in the sql id
to be executed, though includes the appropiate header as well as sets the
appropiate result class.

Is this possible?


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