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From Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznet...@gridgain.com>
Subject Cassandra cache store [IGNITE-1371]
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2016 08:41:14 GMT
During review I faced the problem, that I have not enough experience to

So, it will be great, if someone who has deep experience with Binary
marshaller could help us.


> How about such limitations of Binary Marshaller:

> 1) Fields or types with the same name hash are not allowed.
> 2) BinaryObject format does not allow same field names on different
levels of a class hierarchy.
> 3) Externalizable interface is ignored by default. If BinaryObject format
is used, Externalizable
>  classes will be written the same way as if they were Serializable,
without writeExternal() and
> readExternal() methods. If for some reason this does not work for you,
you should implement
> Binarylizable interface for your classes, plug in a custom
BinarySerializer or switch to the
> OptimizedMarshaller.

> There are no such limitations in Kryo and Java serialization.

> The next concern is that you need *Ignite Core* module, which is rather
huge (about 7.3MB) if
>  you want to build ETL script which will consume data persisted into
Cassandra by Ignite Binary
>  Marshaller.

> By the way, does Ignite plan to support backward compatibility for data
persisted using Binary
>  Marshaller? I mean the situation when some objects were persisted into
Cassandra using old
>  version of Binary Marshaller and then Ignite cluster was upgraded to new
version. Kryo and
>  Java serialization handles this situation and provides backward

> May be it's better just to add one more serializer implementation which
will use Binary Marshaller?

> By the way are there any samples in the code how to use Binary Marshaller
just to
> serialize/deserialize arbitrary object? Binary Marshaller documentation
says that all such
>  operation performed internally inside Ignite when we using BinaryObject,
but in my case I am
>  interested in rather low-level serialization/deserialization API/

Igor Rudyak

Hi Igor!

I moved discussion to dev list.

>>> The next concern is that you need *Ignite Core* module
We could not avoid adding this module because All base cache store classes
declared in that module, so I think this module will *be always imported*.

As for other points, I hope community will help us.

Alexey Kuznetsov
GridGain Systems

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