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From Dood@ODDO <oddodao...@gmail.com>
Subject IGNITE-2693: question about setting BinaryMarshaller on a cache
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 23:07:18 GMT
Hello all,

I am working on IGNITE-2693 with Vlad Ozerov's help. I am somewhat of a 
Java newbie so please be gentle ;-)

I am curious about something - after reading the Javadocs and Binary 
Marshaller docs on Ignite's documentation websites, I think that the 
documentation is not very friendly or even somewhat misleading. Or maybe 
it is the design that is puzzling to me :-)

For example, we use withKeepBinary() on a cache instance to get a binary 
cache that utilizes the binary marshaller. But this is not a setting 
that is "settable" on a per cache basis - we do not allow for a 
per-cache method to set a desired marshaller, this seems to be reserved 
for the IgniteConfiguration() interface/implementation(s) 
setMarshaller() method and is a grid-wide setting.

The background to this is that I have "fixed" the withKeepBinary() 
interface to throw an exception if the marshaller used is not binary 
(the ticket explains the reason why we want this). Apparently we 
(silently?) assume a binary marshaller everywhere but in one of the 
unrelated tests in the test suite for some reason an optimized 
marshaller is used and as a result of this (with my new change) these 
tests are failing [1]. I am trying to fix this but in the process I 
realized that you cannot set the marshaller through a 
CacheConfiguration() method (no such thing exists), this has to be done 
at a higher level (the IgniteConfiguration). However, the whole test is 
written to inherit a grid configuration with an optimized marshaller (is 
what it looks like to me)....

Am I just horribly confused and missing something very obvious? Thanks!


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