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From Dood@ODDO <oddodao...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: IGNITE-2693: question about setting BinaryMarshaller on a cache
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2016 03:02:36 GMT
On 3/9/2016 7:46 PM, Alexey Goncharuk wrote:
> Note that withKeepBinary() is just a way to tell a cache not to deserialize
> values when doing a get or running an entry processor. The concept of
> binary object does not belong solely to caches - you can get an instance of
> IgniteBinary interface from Ignite and use binary objects in computations,
> for example.
> For me there would be more confusion if each cache had a separate
> marshaller. What would then happen if you put an instance of BinaryObject
> to a cache with JDK marshaller? When marshaller is global, the answer is
> simple - BinaryObject is either available or not :)

Alexey, thanks for the taking the time to explain the reasoning!

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