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From Alexander Paschenko <alexander.a.pasche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache Ignite 1.8 Release
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2016 05:01:47 GMT
Current status on DML:

- Basic data streamer support implemented (basicness is mostly about
configuration - say, currently there's no way to specify streamer's
batch size via JDBC driver, but this can be improved easily).

- Fixed all minor stuff agreed with Vladimir.

- There are some tests that started failing after binary hash codes
generation rework made by Vladimir in ignite-4011-1 branch, I will ask
him to look into it and fix those. Failing tests live in
GridCacheBinaryObjectsAbstractSelfTest, and are as follows:
      - testPutWithFieldsHashing
      - testCrossFormatObjectsIdentity
      - testPutWithCustomHashing
I added them personally during working on first version of auto
hashing few weeks ago, and what they do is test these very hashing
features. Again, prior to Vlad's rework those tests passed. So could
you please take a look?

- Working on Sergey V.'s comments about current code.

- Alex

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