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From Vladimir Ozerov <voze...@gridgain.com>
Subject Re: ALTER TABLE command support
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2017 05:54:14 GMT

There are several complex things here:

1) DROP TABLE will require modification of data. Effectively, we have to
rebuild all binary objects in our cache. And the key question - how to make
this process efficient. Without it the following will fail:

INSERT INTO Person(id, salary) VALUES (1, 10_000);
SELECT salary FROM Person WHERE id = 1 // Must be NULL, but will be 10_000

2) DROP COLUMN must take in count indexes on the column (if any)

3) ALTER TABLE might IgniteCache.put() interfere with IgniteCache.put() in
subtle ways. E.g.:
INSERT INTO Person(id, salary) VALUES (1, 10_000);
IgniteCache.put(1, Builder["salary"=10_000]); // Should we allow or fail

4) We have to rework DML as well. Otherwise current processors will work
incorrectly. Consider we have two threads T1 and T2:
T1: INSERT INTO Person(id, salary) VALUES (1, 10_000);
T1: Prepared entry processor
T1: Sent entry processor which completed successfully
T2: SELECT salary FROM Person WHERE id = 1 // Must be NULL, but will be

Probably we will have to maintain a kind of schema versions or so here.

5) Last, but not least - design of this feature must take in count upcoming
MVCC, as their designs might be interrelated.


On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 3:57 AM, Alexander Paschenko <
alexander.a.paschenko@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> To my knowledge, our binary format is currently resilient to
> adding/removing fields of individual objects while having those
> objects logically belonging to the same value type - thanks to all
> efforts with binary resolvers and stable field sorting. Thus, ALTER
> TABLE implemented as suggested (descriptors manipulation) indeed will
> not need actual data modification, amirite?
> That said, in my view at a first glance the task boils down to following:
> 1. Make type descriptors and table descriptors mutable in principle
> 2. Add Ignite ALTER TABLE command (at first approach let's limit
> ourselves with columns add/remove)
> 3. Implement its propagation and distributed execution (CREATE INDEX
> style - this mechanism of distributed schema changes has already been
> implemented by Vlad)
> 4. On local stage of distributed execution:
> 4.1. Issue on local H2 instance combination of DROP TABLE and then
> CREATE TABLE with new columns list.
> This is a lot like what H2 does when you ask it to ALTER TABLE, but H2
> actually also does data copying via SELECT which we don't need to do
> as far as I can see due to binary format resiliency I wrote above -
> our combination of local CREATE and DROP will modify local H2 metadata
> to look the way we ultimately need.
> 4.2. After we're finished with H2 metadata, we're safe to modify type
> and table descriptors.
> Of course some amount of additional work will be needed to make sure
> that such operations are mutually exclusive with cache gets/puts, or
> index creation, or cache creation (also implies manipulations with
> type descriptors and may also cause a CREATE TABLE in its own right).
> But still approach in general could be as described above.
> I also have some ideas about support for constraints which is in fact
> is also concerned with descriptors mutation, but I believe this is not
> the topic of this conversation.
> Thoughts?
> – Alex
> 2017-05-31 23:36 GMT+03:00 Denis Magda <dmagda@apache.org>:
> > Agree. The gradual approach is the way to go for us.
> >
> > β€”
> > Denis
> >
> >> On May 31, 2017, at 1:20 PM, Dmitriy Setrakyan <dsetrakyan@apache.org>
> wrote:
> >>
> >> I think a fully functional ALTER TABLE command may be hard to
> implement, as
> >> it includes changes of columns, types, constraints, etc... We should
> take a
> >> gradual approach here and implement this command by phases.
> >>
> >> I would propose that in the first phase we simply add the capability to
> add
> >> and remove columns to a table. This way, given that we already support
> >> CREATE INDEX command, the new column can be immediately indexed within
> the
> >> cluster and used for query execution.
> >>
> >> Does this sound like a plan?
> >>
> >> D.
> >>
> >> On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 11:52 AM, Denis Magda <dmagda@apache.org>
> wrote:
> >>
> >>> Sergi, Vovan, Alexander P.,
> >>>
> >>> It’s great that we added CREATE/DROP index commands support to Ignite.
> As
> >>> the next step, I think we need to move forward and plan to add ALTER
> >>> command to the list.
> >>>
> >>> The reason we should have this command is simple. If a user adds a new
> >>> field to Person class (while the cluster is up and running) then there
> >>> should be a way to access the field from SQL and index it later if
> needed.
> >>> Presently, this is not supported.
> >>>
> >>> What will be our efforts to support this?
> >>>
> >>> β€”
> >>> Denis
> >

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