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From techbysample <tu...@netmille.com>
Subject GA Grid: Request to contribute GA library to Apache Ignite
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 00:26:21 GMT

GA Grid (Beta) is an in memory Genetic Algorithm (GA) for Apache Ignite used
to solve complex problems by simulating biological evolution.
GA's are a form of Machine Learning (ML), excellent for finding an optimal
solution, among possibly thousands (or more) candidate solutions for a given

GA Grid was developed by NetMillennium Inc, Inc outside of Apache Ignite
platform as a proof of concept to determine feasibility in the GA space.
In GA Grid, all genetic operations: Fitness Calculation, Crossover, and
Mutation  are modeled as a ComputeTask for distributive behavior.  Also,
these ComputeTasks leverage Apache Ignite's Affinity Colocation to route
ComputeJobs to respective nodes where Chromosomes are stored in cache.

After it's initial release, Denis Magda inquired about the possibility of
donating GA Grid to Apache Ignite. Per discussions with Denis, he believed
GA Grid would be well suited as an extension to Apache Ignite's ML library. 
Currently, NetMillennium, Inc. has agreed to begin the process of donating
GA Grid to Apache Ignite. 

With it's latest release, GA Grid enhances knowledge discovery by providing
custom SQL functions to 'pivot' genetic optimization results. This enables
improved visualizations inside Apache Zeppelin.

To learn more about GA Grid please visit:


Check out my recent post on how GA Grid for Ignite integrates with Zeppelin:


Please advise.

Best Regards,
Turik Campbell
NetMillennium, Inc.

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