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From techbysample <tu...@netmille.com>
Subject Re: GA Grid: Request to contribute GA library to Apache Ignite
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2017 00:02:17 GMT

Hello. Unfortunately, I am not sure that I fully understand your comments:  

"..Is my understanding correct that GA Grid is a vertical component for 
genetic algorithms?  So far Ignite has been a horizontal product without any 
vertical functionality. I personally would like to keep it this way.."

Would you please clarify?

I simply view GA Grid as a software component that implements a distributive
Genetic Algorithm (GA). 
GA Grid relies on Apache Ignite's major features: advanced clustering,
compute grid, data grid, etc.

Here is a diagram of how GA Grid relates to other components within Ignite:


Based my earlier discussion with Denis M., I assumed GA Grid could be added
to the collection of ML algorithms within ML Grid, since GA's are a type of
'Machine Learning" algorithms.  

If it is determined that GA Grid would not fit into Apache Ignite
architecturally, I would consider including
it as separate Apache project.

Denis, would you please add your feedback as well?

Please advise.


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