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From Tom Diederich <tom.dieder...@gridgain.com>
Subject Upcoming Apache Ignite events this month
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2018 23:19:15 GMT

The following is a list of upcoming events in February. To view this list from the Ignite
events page, click here <https://ignite.apache.org/events.html>. 


February 1:  Meetup: Meet Apache Ignite In-Memory Computing Platform 

 Join Roman Shtykh at the Tech it Easy- Tokyo Meetup for an introductory talk on Apache Ignite.

 In this talk you will learn about Apache Ignite memory-centric distributed database, caching,
and processing platform. Roman will explain how one can do distributed computing, and use
SQL with horizontal scalability and high availability of NoSQL systems with Apache Ignite.

 Only six spots left so RSVP now! http://bit.ly/2nygyRI <http://bit.ly/2nygyRI> 

 San Francisco Bay Area

 February 7: Conference talk: Apache Ignite Service Grid: Foundation of Your Microservices-Based

 Denis Magda will be attending DeveloperWeek 2018 in San Francisco to deliver presentation
that provides a step-by-step guide on how to build a fault-tolerant and scalable microservices-based
solution using Apache Ignite's Service Grid and other components to resolve these aforementioned

 Details here: http://bit.ly/2BHwFBr <http://bit.ly/2BHwFBr> 



 February 7: Meetup: Building consistent and highly available distributed systems with Apache

 Akmal Chaudhri will speak at the inaugural gathering of the London In-Memory Computing Meetup.

 He'll explain that while it is well known that there is a tradeoff between data consistency
and high availability, there are many applications that require very strong consistency guarantees.
Making such applications highly available can be a significant challenge. Akmal will explain
how to overcome these challenges.

This will be an outstanding event with free food and beverages. Space is limited, however.
RSVP now to reserve your spot (you may also include 2 guests).

http://bit.ly/2BH893c <http://bit.ly/2BH893c> 


February 12: Meetup: Turbocharge your MySQL queries in-memory with Apache Ignite 

Fotios Filacouris will be the featured speaker at the Boston MySQL Meetup Group.

The abstract of his talk: Apache Ignite is a unique data management platform that is built
on top of a distributed key-value storage and provides full-fledged MySQL support.Attendees
will learn how Apache Ignite handles auto-loading of a MySQL schema and data from PostgreSQL,
supports MySQL indexes, supports compound indexes, and various forms of MySQL queries including
distributed MySQL joins.

Space is limited so RSVP today! http://bit.ly/2DP8W44 <http://bit.ly/2DP8W44> 


February 13: Meetup -- Java and In-Memory Computing: Apache Ignite

 Fotios Filacouris will speak at the Boston Java Meetup Group

In his talk, Foti will introduce the many components of the open-source Apache Ignite. Meetup
members, as Java professionals, will learn how to solve some of the most demanding scalability
and performance challenges. He’ll also cover a few typical use cases and work through some
code examples. Attendees would leave ready to fire up their own database deployments!

RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2BJ1nde <http://bit.ly/2BJ1nde> 

Sydney, Australia  

February 13: Meetup: Ignite your Cassandra Love Story: Caching Cassandra with Apache Ignite

Rachel Pedreschi will be the guest speaker at the Sydney Cassandra Users Meetup. In this session
attendees will learn how Apache Ignite can turbocharge a Cassandra cluster without sacrificing
availability guarantees. In this talk she'll cover:

An overview of the Apache Ignite architecture
How to deploy Apache Ignite in minutes on top of Cassandra
How companies use this powerful combination to handle extreme OLTP workloads

 RSVP now to secure your spot: http://bit.ly/2sydneytalk <http://bit.ly/2sydneytalk>


 February 14: Webinar:  Getting Started with Apache® Ignite™ as a Distributed Database

Join presenter Valentin Kulichenko in this live webinar featuring Apache Ignite native persistence
--  a distributed ACID and SQL-compliant store that turns Apache Ignite into a full-fledged
distributed SQL database.

 In this webinar, Valentin will:

 Explain what native persistence is, and how it works
Show step-by-step how to set up Apache Ignite with native persistence
Explain the best practices for configuration and tuning

RSVP now to reserve your spot: http://bit.ly/2E0SWiS <http://bit.ly/2E0SWiS> 



February 14: Meetup: Apache Ignite: the in-memory hammer in your data science toolkit

Akmal Chaudhri will be the guest speaker at the Symbion IoT Meetup (Copenhagen, Denmark).
In this presentation, Akmal will explain some of the main components of Apache Ignite, such
as the Compute Grid, Data Grid and the Machine Learning Grid. Through examples, attendees
will learn how Apache Ignite can be used for data analysis.

This meetup is free but an RSVP is required to secure your spot: http://bit.ly/2DSO1Bi <http://bit.ly/2DSO1Bi>


February 15: Workshop: In-Memory Computing Essentials for Data Scientists. Hosted by the Symbion
IoT Meetup (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Join Akmal Chaudhri in this hands on workshop where attendees will be introduced to the fundamental
capabilities of in-memory computing platforms (this workshop will feature Apache Ignite).
These platforms boost highly loaded applications, research projects, risk analysis and fraud
detection tasks by storing and processing massive amounts of data in memory and on disk across
a cluster of machines.

RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2GBDfx0 <http://bit.ly/2GBDfx0> 


February 20: Webinar: Redis Replaced: Why Companies Now Choose Apache® Ignite™ to Improve
Application Speed and Scale

Join Apache Ignite PMC Chair Denis Magda and learn why businesses are choosing Apache Ignite
to handle their in-memory computing needs -- moving away from traditional caches like Redis.
In this session, Denis will explain how:

In-memory technologies have evolved from caches to in-memory computing platform
Apache Ignite slides in-between existing applications and SQL databases to improve performance
and scale
Apache Ignite native SQL and ACID transaction support works
Apache Ignite in-memory storage and collocated computing scales out linearly to avoid scale
limitations with traditional caches

 The webinar is free but RSVP now to reserve your spot: http://bit.ly/2nvS7nJ <http://bit.ly/2nvS7nJ>

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