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From oignatenko <oignate...@gridgain.com>
Subject Re: Change code style inspections to use red mark for those used at Teamcity build checks (IGNITE-10450)
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2018 13:03:58 GMT
Hi Ivan,

You are right that these things will distract people and from this
perspective it is very well justified that vast majority of style deviations
(currently, all of them) are marked yellow. These are non-critical and if
developer ignores them nothing immediately bad happens.

(For the sake of completeness one can argue that style deviations contribute
to technical debt but it's tangential to current discussion and here we can
probably consider them just harmless for simplicity.)

The problem with five of these inspections that are proposed to change is,
these became different after IGNITE-9983 and above reasoning doesn't work
for these anymore. These five inspections are now checked at Teamcity and
when there are new deviations it reports problems.

Essentially this means that developer introducing new violations in these
inspections is going to be distracted anyway - if they ignore at the coding
phase they still will be chased by the warnings from Teamcity. You can check
details of IGNITE-10399 because it shows a good example of how it goes.

So what we're discussing here is essentially not about whether to distract
developer or not (because they will be distracted anyway) but when it is
more convenient to distract - at coding time or after Teamcity check.
Granted, delaying this to TC checks felt okay to me before we tried it but
observing how it really goes (in mentioned above IGNITE-10399) made me
curious if maybe we could try another option by raising this issue at coding
time instead.

This is the whole point of this change, to let us try how it would go if we
warn developers about inspections impacting Teamcity in the time of coding.
As I wrote in beginning of this thread I briefly tried it myself and it
looked quite promising.

To avoid misunderstanding, I would like to make it clear that at this point
it is not supposed to be a one way change because my testing was too brief
to say for sure if this is the way to go. Current plan is that we give it a
try for a while and later - depending on how folks feel - decide whether to
keep these inspections red or revert them back to yellow.

Does that make sense Ivan?

regards, Oleg

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