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From oignatenko <oignate...@gridgain.com>
Subject Re: Change code style inspections to use red mark for those used at Teamcity build checks (IGNITE-10450)
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2018 15:44:58 GMT
Hi Ivan,

Павлухин Иван wrote
> P.S. Did not really get what was the main problem related to
> IGNITE-10399 [1]. I suppose it should go: simple problem -- fast fix.

Well, speaking of IGNITE-10399 it turned out that problem is indeed simple
and fix was fast, just as you wrote.

What looked wrong is that discovery of the problem took quite long and it
turned out to be too much effort for such a simple problem and fix.

To start with, it is essentially impossible to find out when coding. You can
see why is that at screen shot reproducing how missing import looked like in
the file that caused this issue (attached to IGNITE-10450):

Please notice how mark denoting troublesome inspection violation is buried
among non-critical ones which makes it very easy to miss when coding.

Another problem is, the only reliable way to tell if there is an issue is to
run Teamcity checks. Which means one needs to push and wait for quite a
while to just find out if there is a problem or not (note by the way how
this way breaks if one is working offline or if Teamcity server is down /
busy for some reason).

And this is not yet the end - even when you learn that some inspection
failed somewhere there is no easy way to just get back to your code and find
it - because as you can see from above screen shot the problem is obscured
too much to notice. One needs to get to Teamcity report and read details of
the failure to find out where to look for it.

Above sounds a bit too much for finding and fixing a simple missing import
isn't it?

Do we really need to push, launch TC checks, wait for completion and read
detailed report to simply find out an issue that was already reported and
highlighted in IDE before all that, only hard to notice.


When I realized that I thought maybe I would prefer if IDE could highlight
such inspections more prominently to let me find it just when I introduce
them during coding, without cumbersome messing with Teamcity checks and
reports and I went to Maxim and he helped me find how this could be done.

And after checking how it would work I created IGNITE-10450 for us to try
this way - because it looked so much more convenient compared to what I
observed in IGNITE-10399.

regards Oleg

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