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From antkr <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] ignite pull request #5403: Ignite 2.4.12 p1
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2018 20:07:47 GMT
GitHub user antkr opened a pull request:


    Ignite 2.4.12 p1

    Pull request for teamcity run.

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull https://github.com/gridgain/apache-ignite ignite-2.4.12-p1

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:


To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #5403
commit 7214eff5b5d8102ba32a7b7bf7597ac5a4b04eee
Author: Alexey Kukushkin <alexeykukushkin@...>
Date:   2018-04-02T08:08:05Z

    IGNITE-8076: Java Thin Client: authentication. This closes #3720.

commit 2c0e269fe7793bb70d1be28d2052f1394b96f2b1
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2018-04-02T08:09:17Z

    Merge branch 'ignite-2.4.4' into ignite-2.4-master

commit cb89494be26be1b0e397e06f7eaeb6419aec1828
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-03-02T09:35:26Z

    IGNITE-7803 REST: Implemented possibility to get values from cache inserted via API or
    (cherry picked from commit a84018b)

commit 149802a3be82ba1f88770dbff75d74b892bb0a94
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-03-07T17:17:20Z

    IGNITE-7803 Fixed regression in tests.
    (cherry picked from commit 90c0af8)

commit 5b5571adc7282a29cdecd8ab2e945a446ea709fc
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-03-23T02:55:13Z

    IGNITE-8002 REST: Added support of new authentication via new API.
    (cherry picked from commit 921f0cf)

commit 128fdfcd874286f4a358546c0f43b6ef082a064b
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2018-04-02T10:11:16Z

    IGNITE-7884: Sample data set for JDBC. This closes #3702.

commit 247a9ef5a68de198106a866b277f1bee596c3633
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2018-04-02T10:16:00Z

    Merge branch 'ignite-2.4.4' into ignite-2.4-master

commit 3949df02128e3003c409e0169ad0c80948ba134c
Author: Aleksey Plekhanov <plehanov.alex@...>
Date:   2018-02-13T13:43:49Z

    IGNITE-5265 Eviction Rate memory metric to be implemented
    Signed-off-by: Anton Vinogradov <av@apache.org>

commit 7bc6c1ad3bacaf5e354d2710931eb398c346c06c
Author: Tim Onyschak <tonyschak@...>
Date:   2018-03-31T12:58:25Z

    IGNITE-7090 Semaphore Stuck when no acquirers to assign permit - Fixes #3443.
    Signed-off-by: dspavlov <dpavlov@gridgain.com>
    (cherry picked from commit 3fc5d57)

commit c854ad86f4c64260171085c8c7cce97ba1ad2530
Author: Pavel Kovalenko <jokserfn@...>
Date:   2018-02-22T09:02:31Z

    IGNITE-7749 Fixed testDiscoCacheReuseOnNodeJoin test. - Fixes #3540.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>

commit b2e94b36bddebbf7b3ff40631e099939d16926d2
Author: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@...>
Date:   2018-02-13T15:53:23Z

    IGNITE-7692 Corrected test to not fail when SQL is executed on backup

commit 852425d4170ed1871c79f5ac26bfb3d03cc36a6f
Author: Алексей Стельмак <astelmak@...>
Date:   2018-04-06T15:28:22Z

    IGNITE-8049 Limit the number of operation cycles in B+Tree - Fixes #3769.
    Signed-off-by: dpavlov <dpavlov@apache.org>
    (cherry picked from commit e491f10)

commit 42f529f0a04ce22786bb4a23032a64f93e214233
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-04-09T02:25:50Z

    IGNITE-8159 control.sh: Fixed NPE on adding nodes on empty baseline and not active cluster.
    (cherry picked from commit 834869c)

commit b5f180838246f895d36846ea707790c1ff7fe70a
Author: Stanislav Lukyanov <stanlukyanov@...>
Date:   2018-04-09T11:33:13Z

    IGNITE-7904: Changed IgniteUtils::cast not to trim exception chains. This closes #3683.
    (cherry picked from commit 3a4f23b)

commit 1ce8e1a8fd48469073592e2fb77e2881a168a219
Author: Roman Guseinov <gromcase@...>
Date:   2018-04-09T11:45:44Z

    IGNITE-7944: Disconnected client node tries to send JOB_CANCEL message. Applied fix:
    - Skip sending message if client disconnected;
    - Throw IgniteCheckedException if a client node is disconnected and communication client
is null.
    This closes #3737.
    (cherry picked from commit d70477b)

commit 840e193b3e604e8b0d90be5fac16cf11d8c832e6
Author: Ilya Lantukh <ilantukh@...>
Date:   2018-04-06T10:49:10Z

    ignite-8087 : Backported ignite-8018.
    (cherry picked from commit 175edf3)

commit 94e857c94ce5e7998fc39e38deee69f389ddbc5b
Author: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@...>
Date:   2018-04-10T17:33:47Z

    IGNITE-6430 Complete failing test early

commit 770f7469d4b86ce9af61e9e43c7262d86ee05b54
Author: Eduard Shangareev <eshangareev@...>
Date:   2018-04-06T16:22:07Z

    IGNITE-8114 Add fail recovery mechanism to tracking pages

commit 549d6e3de86a22697577f77a2ebab3d0dca7338d
Author: Alexey Kukushkin <alexeykukushkin@...>
Date:   2018-04-11T13:29:07Z

    IGNITE-8221: Security for thin clients.

commit 94c0f56ef78e6c61f0e753c8aa0185c611630d45
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2018-04-11T13:44:33Z

    IGNITE-8148: JDBC thin: semicolon as delimiter for properties. This closes #3794.

commit d99a50ccd6923aa48da78955207fe747b287ea81
Author: mcherkasov <mcherkasov@...>
Date:   2018-04-11T00:23:29Z

    IGNITE-8153 Nodes fail to connect each other when SSL is enabled - Fixes #3773.
    Signed-off-by: Valentin Kulichenko <valentin.kulichenko@gmail.com>

commit 03285e953d005a18fb88a35d21701100f58f7a29
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2018-04-12T07:37:36Z

    IGNITE-8042: .NET thin client: authentication support. This closes #3790.

commit 8e740164e8a0102a94f408d72b41f73df675cfb1
Author: Ilya Kasnacheev <ilya.kasnacheev@...>
Date:   2018-04-05T09:55:36Z

    IGNITE-7712: SQL: system property to force lazy query execution.
    Cherry-picked from 064c816c177d31f18af2954175ca3ad0f3eee957

commit df405d439d461d3576cd3b22d53716cd324b3ef7
Author: Alexander Paschenko <alexander.a.paschenko@...>
Date:   2018-04-11T14:03:16Z

    IGNITE-8204: SQL: fixed hangs when lazy flag is enabled.
    Cherry-picked from 747e6c5.

commit 8af36584a81f6411a08b66935b843a5c1ba3169c
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2018-04-12T12:02:57Z

    IGNITE-8135: SQL: authentication for CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE commands. This closes

commit 1c31e07bb7510b908b540169a6ded7a909e23fda
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2018-04-12T12:13:51Z

    IGNITE-8230: SQL: Fixed backup number propagation in CREATE TABLE command. This closes

commit 131b9b974c01d1b5c05f98e2fe3947f0672c94ec
Author: tledkov-gridgain <tledkov@...>
Date:   2018-04-16T08:28:39Z

    IGNITE-8129: MTCGA: setup default SSL context in JdbcthinConnectionSSLTest (because sometimes
default SSL context may be setup by build system). This closes #3795.

commit 2bf4c8a76dc1a02a82b167d69109ed591a882f0c
Author: Alexey Kukushkin <alexeykukushkin@...>
Date:   2018-04-16T08:47:19Z

    IGNITE-8097: Java thin client: throw handshake exception eagerly on connect phase in case
of failure. This closes #3822.

commit b208bb255916382ff06464170a56891d2bd5107e
Author: Ilya Kasnacheev <ilya.kasnacheev@...>
Date:   2018-04-16T15:55:03Z

    IGNITE-2766 - Opportunistically reopen cache after client reconnect.
    Cherry-picked from 0991437a3f4d38e68483a8bcadd3daf614b7b2dc

commit 47b1f4007348e8c0697638b7824227eaa36dca32
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-04-17T04:46:45Z

    IGNITE-8201 REST: Added AUTHENTICATE command. Fixed session tokens. Added new tests.
    (cherry picked from commit 1cfc989)



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