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From Anton Kalashnikov <kaa....@yandex.ru>
Subject Re: [MTCGA]: new failures in builds [5539465] needs to be handled
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2020 08:51:28 GMT

It's my fail. I will fix it.

Best regards,
Anton Kalashnikov

17.08.2020, 22:52, "dpavlov.tasks@gmail.com" <dpavlov.tasks@gmail.com>:
> Hi Igniters,
>  I've detected some new issue on TeamCity to be handled. You are more than welcomed
to help.
>  If your changes can lead to this failure(s): We're grateful that you were a volunteer
to make the contribution to this project, but things change and you may no longer be able
to finalize your contribution.
>  Could you respond to this email and indicate if you wish to continue and fix test failures
or step down and some committer may revert you commit.
>  * New test failure in master PagesWriteThrottleSmokeTest.testThrottle https://ci.ignite.apache.org/project.html?projectId=IgniteTests24Java8&testNameId=2808794487465215609&branch=%3Cdefault%3E&tab=testDetails
>  Changes may lead to failure were done by
>          - ivan rakov <ivan.glukos@gmail.com> https://ci.ignite.apache.org/viewModification.html?modId=905838
>          - ymolochkov <molochkovyn@gmail.com> https://ci.ignite.apache.org/viewModification.html?modId=905833
>          - anton kalashnikov <kaa.dev@yandex.ru> https://ci.ignite.apache.org/viewModification.html?modId=905850
>          - ibessonov <bessonov.ip@gmail.com> https://ci.ignite.apache.org/viewModification.html?modId=905840
>          - Here's a reminder of what contributors were agreed to do https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/IGNITE/How+to+Contribute
>          - Should you have any questions please contact dev@ignite.apache.org
> Best Regards,
> Apache Ignite TeamCity Bot
> https://github.com/apache/ignite-teamcity-bot
> Notification generated at 22:44:23 17-08-2020

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