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From Igor Akkuratov <akkura...@mail.com>
Subject Re: Static hierarchy in jmx tree
Date Mon, 10 May 2021 20:04:23 GMT
Alexei, thank you for your response.

> 1. I don't understand why setting
> IGNITE_MBEAN_APPEND_CLASS_LOADER_ID=false + igniteInstanceName is not a
> solution to your issue ?
> Just put it in the documentation and this should do fine.

It could be a solution for me, but I believe that such approach is a pain for a lot of users.
Anyone who want to monitor Ignite node via JMX have to use both of options which have to be
specified in different places.

> 2. Removing the classloader id can break the template working in the
> container environment, where the instances with the same name are
> instantiated using different classloaders.
> How is this scenario supposed to work with a single template ?

I am not sure that I got you. If we that is all about containers like docker, then there is
no any problem here. Each application have to be started in separate container with there
own network, so yes - jmx tree is the same, but there are from different hosts. So right now
there are few scenarios:
- right now JMX is turned off by default, so there is no problem
- if you want to use jmx you have to turn it on manually and it would work. After my patch
consistent id in case of persistent or node id in other cases would be used.
- if you want to specify instance name you can chose different names for different instances
or separate them to different jvm.
- if you want to use the previous logic with class loader id, option MBEAN_APPEND_CLASS_LOADER_ID
is still available.

> 3. Your patch introduces breaking change. This can be done only in two
> steps: release N deprecated the behavior, release N + 1 changes the
> behavior, according to the new rules.

Ok. If we take a decision, I will do that.

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