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From Johannes Lichtenberger <johannes.lichtenber...@unitedplanet.com>
Subject Re: Ignite for a temporal (Open Source) NoSQL storage system
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2019 12:34:44 GMT

I'm just evaluating what best to use for a distributed in-memory and 
on-disk data storage system / NoSQL data store.

That is for instance:

- single master receiving writes => distributing them (the transaction 
log) to a number of nodes synchronously and to all others asynchronously

- providing real ACID transactions (maybe locking database changes until 
most (and we need to define what most means) nodes respond that they 
wrote the value, as some nodes can simply fail / shutdown / whatever). 
The old revisions can be read regardless of the lock.

- if the transaction on a node in the cluster fails send an event to a 
queue to rollback the most recent revision (maybe if a .commit-file is 
existing remove the most recent revision up to the latest committed).

- need to know on which node in the cluster a specific resource of a 
database resides (indexes are always part of the resource).

- sending events exactly once semantics maybe

- maybe multi-master replication between two master-nodes in different 
networks (but that's maybe nice to have some time).


But I'm sure you know a lot more about all the problems in distributed 
systems ;-)

As of now the storage system simply is on a single node (and the storage 
engine very similar to how ZFS works internally with indirect blocks... 
has been written from Scratch). I want to distribute it in the future to 
provide horizontal scalability like MongoDB (without the eventual 
consistency probably), CockroachDB, Cassandra...

I know it's not simple and likely needs a few years, but I think it's 
doable :)

First, I guess replicating a resource in a database to a bunch of nodes 
within a transaction, then look into partitioning and then how to ship 
queries to specific nodes...

kind regards


On 15.03.19 11:51, Ilya Kasnacheev wrote:
> Hello!
> Unfortunately, after re-reading your message several times, I still do 
> not understand:
> - What did you actually do.
> - Whether you have any questions for community.
> - Whether you have any specific use cases to share.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Ilya Kasnacheev
> пт, 15 мар. 2019 г. в 11:19, Johannes Lichtenberger 
> <johannes.lichtenberger@unitedplanet.com 
> <mailto:johannes.lichtenberger@unitedplanet.com>>:
>     Hi,
>     as we are working with Ignite in the company I work for, basically
>     for
>     in-memory Grids and horizontal scaling in the cloud I guess Ignite is
>     also a perfect fit for adding replication/partitioning to a temporal
>     NoSQL storage system capable of storing revisions of both XML- and
>     JSON-documents (could also store any other kind of data) in a binary
>     format efficiently (https://sirix.io or
>     https://github.com/sirixdb/sirix
>     -- at least for the storage part itself). It started as a university
>     project, but now I'm really eager to put forth the idea of keeping
>     the
>     history of your data as efficiently as possible (minimal storage- and
>     query-overhead within the same asymptotic space and time
>     complexity as
>     other database systems, which usually do not keep the history -- for
>     instance through a novel sliding snapshot algorithm and copy-on-write
>     semantics at the per page / per record level, heavily inspired by
>     ZFS).
>     Maybe for the query plan rewriting (the AST of the query) and
>     distribution Apache Spark is better suited, but for distributing
>     transaction logs and executing transactions I think Ignite is the
>     way to go.
>     What do you think?
>     I just have to finish the JSONiq query language implementation, but
>     after releasing 1.0 in summer and stabilizing the core as well as
>     keeping the APIs stable (and defining a spec for the binary
>     representation, saving some space in page-headers for future
>     encryption
>     at rest for instance) I'm eager to work on clustering for Sirix :-)
>     Oh and if you're interested, go ahead, clone it, download the Zip,
>     the
>     Docker image, whatever and let me know what you think :)
>     kind regards
>     Johannes

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