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From Павлухин Иван <vololo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Primary partitions return zero partitions before rebalance.
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2019 18:11:11 GMT

What Ignite version do you use?
How do you register your listener?
On what object do you call primaryPartitions/allPartitions?

It is true that Ignite uses late affinitly assignment. And it means
that for each topology change (node enter or node leave) parttion
assigment changes twice. First time temporay backups are created which
should be rebalanced from other nodes (EVT_CACHE_REBALANCE_STARTED
takes place here). Second time redundant partition replicas should be
marked as unusable (and unloaded after that)
(EVT_CACHE_REBALANCE_STOPPED). And it is useful to understand that
Affinity interface calculates partition distribution using affinity
function and such distribution might differ from real partitoin
assignment. And it differes when rebalance is in progress. See
AffinityAssignment interface.

ср, 13 мар. 2019 г. в 21:59, Koitoer <koitoer@gmail.com>:
> Hi All.
> I'm trying to follow the rebalance events of my ignite cluster so I'm able to track which
partitions are assigned to each node at any point in time. I am listening to the `EVT_CACHE_REBALANCE_STARTED`
> events from Ignite and that is working well, except in the case one node crash and another
take its place.
> My cluster is 5 nodes.
> Ex. Node 1 has let's say 100 partitions, after I kill this node the partitions that were
assigned to it, got rebalance across the entire cluster, I'm able to track that done with
the STOPPED event and checking the affinity function in each one of them using the `primaryPartitions`
method gives me that, if I add all those numbers I get 1024 partitions, which is why I was
> However when a new node replaces the previous one, I see a rebalance process occurs and
now I'm getting that some of the partitions `disappear` from the already existing nodes (which
is expected as well as new node will take some partitions from them) but when the STOPPED
event is listened by this new node if I call the `primaryPartitions` that one returns an empty
list, but if I used the  `allPartitions` method that one give me a list (I think at this point
is primary + backups).
> If I let pass some time and I execute the `primaryPartitions` method again I am able
to retrieve the partitions that I was expecting to see after the STOPPED event comes. I read
here https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/IGNITE/%28Partition+Map%29+Exchange+-+under+the+hood#id-(PartitionMap)Exchange-under
the hood-LateAffinityAssignment that it could be a late assignment, that after the cache rebalance
the new node needs to bring all the entries to fill-out the cache and after that, the `primaryPartitions`
will return something.
> Will be great to know if this actually what is happening.
> My question is if there is any kind of event that I should listen so I can be aware that
this process (if this is what is happening) already finish. I would like to said, "After you
bring this node into the cluster the partitions assigned to that node are the following: XXX,
> Also, I'm aware of the event `EVT_CACHE_REBALANCE_PART_LOADED` but I'm seeing a ton of
them and at this point, I would be able to know when the last one arrives and say that are
now my primary partitions.
> Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Ivan Pavlukhin

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