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From Jeanne Waldman <>
Subject Re: Follow-up on skin issues
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 19:47:30 GMT

Simon_Lessard@DMR.CA wrote:

>I redid the test with the menuList, you were right about the 
>menuList::selected, it's just ignored completely. The bold weight I was 
>seeing on the selected field was coming from .AFDefaultBoldFont:alias, 
>sorry about that.
>However, I had other comments about the skin from users. Another example 
>of badly answering skin is with the messages component. If the user 
>specifies the following selectors, he'll assume that he'll get a message 
>zone using a green background:
>    background-color: green;
>    padding-left: 20px;
>    border-top-style: solid;
>    border-top-color: #ffffff;
>    border-top-width: 3px;
>    width:                       100%;
>Sadly, the resulting background will be gray because 
>.AFLightAccentBackground:alias will be used because simple skin import it 
>on ::body selector. Of course, one could inhibit ; background-color on 
>body, but again the user will have to execute the page first to figure it 
>Also, I would like to open a discussion on the pertinence of applying 
>.AFDefaultFont:alias and .AFLinkForeground:alias prety much everywhere in 
>the page. I think those two alone cause the most troubles for the end 
>user. I think we could coerce those in some predefined selectors in the 
>final CSS:
I think that these aliases are really nice to have because it is a quick 
hook for a person to change the colors of the entire application.
If the skinner doesn't like this hook, then he can use the inhibit 
feature to inhibit these properties.

>AFDefaultFont:alias --> *
>AFDefaultFont:alias --> h1 *
>AFDefaultFont:alias --> h2 *
>AFDefaultFont:alias --> h3 *
>AFDefaultFont:alias --> h4 *
>AFDefaultFont:alias --> .panelHeaderClass *
>AFLinkForeground:alias --> a:link
>AFLinkForeground:alias --> *:link
>That way they would be applied to everything, but at a lower priority 
>inside the cascading style chain, thus making easier to override the style 
>on child elements using the skin rather than sometimes being forced to use 
The skinner could add style definitions like this:
* {font-family: Ariel}
h1 * {font-family:Ariel}
then he could inhibit the AFDefaultFont:alias's properties to get this 
We don't map our alias style definitions to html constructs like you are 
suggesting. They are simply
mechanisms to include in other styles to make it quicker to make changes 
to multiple components.

I think documenting what skin style keys include would be useful to a 

>That sounds acceptale?
We could document how the skinner can inhibit these global selectors, 
once we add the inhibit feature.

>Simon Lessard
>Fujitsu Consulting

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