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From Sebastián Fiorentini <>
Subject Re: Sorting when an "immediate" table contains a field "required"
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 13:40:15 GMT
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In fact, you can avoid this if you use a subform surrounding your
required inputs (or group of inputs).<br>
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this little question is related to :
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After testing the current behavior, the bug isn't totally accurate. If a 
table has its "immediate" attribute set to true, and does have a field 
input "required" at true (such as an inputText) it is totally possible to 
have Range or Sort nagivation on the table. (like by clicking on the 
header of the table when a column is "sortable").

However, there is still a bug happening that is : The "required" field 
never get sorted like others columns do. The column's values stay idle 
while others columns really get resorted. This leads to an out of sync 

SO, my suggestion would be to totally block sorting events on a table when 
there is at least 1 column that has the attribute "required" at true AND 
that the table has the attribute "immediate" at true too.

Any comments regarding this,

Pierre-Luc Archambault
Fujitsu Consulting
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