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From "Cosma Colanicchia" <>
Subject JSCookMenu, dummy form and Trinidad problems
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 09:52:56 GMT

I'm trying to use the Tomahawk JSCookMenu in my
MyFaces/Trinidad/Facelets project, but I have some troubles. Note that
I use an "home.jspx" page with an iframe. I want my menu on the outer
page, and links opened in the iframe.

First attemp:
Simply put the <t:jscookMenu> inside my <af:form
targetFrame="iframeContent">. Problem: all the dummy stuff is
generated, probably because the <af:form> doesn't get recognized.

Second attemp:
Tried to use <h:form> instead of <af:form>. Just a try, because the
<h:form> doesn't give me a chance to set a target.. anyway this
doesn't work, a javascript error "dummyForm.elements.jscook_action has
no properties" occours.

Third attemp:
Used <h:form> but put <t:jscookMenu> outside of this, this half works:
another dummyform is generated with the "_self" target, and the page
isn't opened in the iframe.

Fourth attemp:
Same as 3td but using <af:form>. Also same result..

I use latest 1.1.5 snapshot of MyFaces (updated and rebuilt
yesterday). I noted that also MyFacesHack.js cmItemMouseUp function
looks for a form with the "_self" target..

Any help on this?

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