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From Rogers Reilly <>
Subject isPostback patch for Trinidad 1.2 state manager
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 16:52:47 GMT

I'm porting a Trinidad webapp over to 1.2 (with the help of Adam's great 
new 1.2 build- thnx!), and was having trouble using Shale remoting.  
Specifically, a Shale remoting request with parameters was causing 
Trinidad 1.2 to bomb out, throw an NPE when finding the ViewRoot.   I 
tracked down the source of the issue:  Trinidad's 
CoreResponseStateManager was telling RestoreView that the request was a 
postback, and then when it looked for the state parameter 
("org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.faces.STATE"), it couldn't find it.  The 
ViewRoot is then NULL.

(I actually tried to pass the state along as a param in the Remoting 
request, but it didn't quite work- the restored viewId corresponds to 
the base page URL, so the Shale PhaseListener passes, doesn't realize 
it's supposed to take it.)

Anyway, looking into the code, I found that CoreResponseStateManger 
doesn't implement .isPostback(FacesContext); it just lets its parent's 
implementation stand- a default implementation that just returns TRUE if 
the request has any parameters at all, meant for old applications.  
Here's how the spec says this method should be implemented:

"The implementation if this method for the Standard HTML RenderKit must 
consult the javax.faces.context.ExternalContext's requestParameterMap 
and return true if and only if there is a key equal to the value of the 
symbolic constant VIEW_STATE_PARAM."

Which is easy enough to do.  I just grabbed the implementation from RI's 
ResponseStateManagerImpl, tweaked the constant, dropped it into 
CoreReponseStateManager, and rebuilt.  + this code:

  public boolean isPostback(FacesContext context) {

        return context.getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().


Not sure what the other effects of implementing this function will be, 
but as it seems to agree with the spec, I thought I'd pass it along.


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