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From Alexandr Smirnov <>
Subject Re: MyFaces 1.2 component autogeneration (was: Trinidad JSF 1.2 status update)
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 07:51:57 GMT
Component code generation can greatly improve components creation, since 
in Ajax4jsf project I also have own generator with same ideas. In 
addition to same files as in ADF/Trinidad , we have generator for 
renderer's from jsp-like template ( even with same tags as Jsp/jstl, 
which allow to use JSP visual editor for renderer's ). For complex 
components  , it allow avoid most of html errors and can divide work 
between html designer and java coders.
As a next stage, I want to reduce files need for component creation to 
two - base abstract component class, and renderer template. For 
component meta information, I have plan to use Java annotations ( in 
current implementation, I use Java reflection to analise component and 
implemented interfaces methods, bean properties etc. ). As I thing, such 
annotations must be standardize, not proprietary API. Is 
Myfaces/Trinidad team will interested to use annotations for component 
generator meta information ? I need help to create public api for such 
Also, we can contribute parts of existing generator to MyFaces project, 
at least renderer generator part - I don't see such feature in other tools.

Adam Winer :
> Yes, they definitely could be used in that way.
> The basic picture is that you write up a bunch of little mini
> faces-config.xml files, one for each component (don't have to,
> actually, you could generate straight from one big faces-config),
> and from that we autogenerate:
> - Java component classes
> - JSP tag classes
> - TLD file
> - Tag documentation
> - Facelets definition file
> - Overall merged faces-config.xml
> -- Adam
> On 10/8/06, Bruno Aranda <> wrote:
>> That sounds really interesting. As you may know, we are working quite
>> actively in the implementation of MyFaces 1.2. Now I am migrating the
>> JSF core tags, but we will reach soon the point to migrate the HTML
>> Basic components. I don't know the exact details of how this
>> autogeneration works for Trinidad, but couldn't we have the same or
>> similar method to generate the JSF basic html components for MyFaces?
>> Sorry for cross-posting but I think this can be interesting,
>> Cheers,
>> Bruno

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