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From Gabrielle Crawford <>
Subject Re: Trinidad on JDK 1.4
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 19:43:50 GMT
-1 to having to worry about what retroweaver does and does not support, 
and I certainly don't want to have to check in to two branches regularly.



Bruno Bernard wrote:

> Scott,
> Maybe Trinidad does not work completly with Portlets but it seems to 
> have some support. It seems to work with me.
> I noticed 3 things so far:
> 1) org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.webapp.TrinidadFilter is not being 
> called so the user agent is set to  null. This cause an exception and 
> I did a workaround to see how the rest was working.
> 2) Partial trigger does not work
> 3) the custom skins does not seems to be loaded (maybe related to 1)
> As of 1.4. I modified less than 10 lines of code and used retroweaver. 
> It worked. To keep this working we would need to just make sure that 
> we do not use 1.5 specific code that retroweaver does not support. 
> Would you guys consider a branch that supports this + JSF 1.1. Maybe I 
> am not the only one interested by this. Again myself and my company 
> would consider to contribute.
> Bruno
> Scott O'Bryan wrote:
>> Bruno,
>> Actually, Trinidad does not yet work with portlets.  :)
>> That being said, most of the code base was ported over from ADFFaces 
>> which was originally written from 10.1.3.  If 1.4 is a hard 
>> requirement, you might want to look at ADFFaces again.  I believe the 
>> release has enhancements to work with the portal system.  
>> Hopefully we'll get Trinidad up to speed very soon.
>> -1 to reverting the renderkit to work with 1.4.  It seems to me it's 
>> taking a step backward, especially as we (or Adam rather) ramp up to 
>> supporting JSF 1.2.
>> Scott O'Bryan
>> Bruno Bernard wrote:
>>> I am currently working for a company that had been using Oracle ADF 
>>> for a while and we are currently planning to move to portlets.
>>> Since oracle ADF does not support portlets out of the box, we 
>>> decided to look more closely into Trinidad which works with Portlets.
>>> One of our requirement is to use Java 1.4.
>>> After looking at this page 
>>> ( I tried to see how 
>>> much it was to run Trinidad on Java 1.4. It was easy and we've made 
>>> it work. We are currently thinking to go for this solution and 
>>> contribute to your project if you want.

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