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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: bug in UIXCommand breaking JSF navigation in 1.2 branch?
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 00:15:01 GMT
Here's the code I see in UIXCommand.getAction():

  public MethodBinding getAction()
    MethodExpression me = getActionExpression();
    if (me == null)
      return null;

    if (me instanceof MethodBindingMethodExpression)
      return ((MethodBindingMethodExpression) me).getMethodBinding();

    return new MethodExpressionMethodBinding(me);

Where did you see the code you're reporting here?!?

Dunno why the RI is calling getAction() - it should, for any component
that implements ActionSource2, call getActionExpression().  But that's
99.9% besides the point.

I assume that the real issue is that getActionExpression() is returning null.
BTW, are you using JSPs or Facelets?

-- Adam

On 10/29/06, Rogers Reilly <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having trouble using <tr:commandButton />s in conjunction with
> regular JSF navigation rules in the 1.2 branch.  Any click on these
> buttons does submit the form, but the server's response is always the
> same view, and the method bound to "action" is never called.  Identical
> code using <h:commandButton /> works as expected.
> I've done some debugging, and it seems the problem is with
> UIXCommand.getAction():
> public MethodBinding getAction()
> {
>     MethodExpression me = getActionExpression();
>     return null;
> }
> When ApplicationListenerImpl (of the RI) gets null for the action
> binding, it passes this to the NavigationHandler, which then just
> returns the current view.
> I would say the fix as simple as returning the "me" MethodExpression,
> but Eclipse is telling me that "me" is evaluating to null, so it may be
> that something deeper in .getActionExpression() needs fixing too.
> It does seem that .getAction is supposed to be deprecated (replaced with
> .getActionExpression), but as the 1.2 RI is calling is, I'm assuming it
> needs to be implemented.
> Rogers

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