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From "Piyush Hari" <>
Subject Fw: Custom Skins for Different Form Factors
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 21:36:17 GMT
Resending it......

Please let know your opinion regarding adding @import support in Trinidad 
for importing skins (see below).

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From: "Piyush Hari" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: Custom Skins for Different Form Factors

> Hello,
> I would like to revive the issue with creating custom PDA skins(see emails 
> below). I propose adding the @import support so that a user can create 
> plus-pda skin by extending the simple-pda and importing the plus-Desktop 
> skin.
> please read the emails below and let me know what you think about this. I 
> will create a JIRA for the same.
> Take Care,
> Piyush
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> From: "Jeanne Waldman" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 1:44 PM
> Subject: Re: Custom Skins for Different Form Factors
>> Hi Joey,
>> We have simple-desktop and simple-pda skins.
>> You can create a pda or desktop skin by specifying the render-kit-id in 
>> your skin.
>> The pda skin extends simple-pda skin. The desktop skin extends 
>> simple-desktop.
>> You created a plus-desktop skin that extends simple-desktop skin.
>> You like that skin a lot and it has a lot of definitions. Now you need a 
>> pda version.
>> You want to use the plus-desktop skin, but you want it to extend 
>> simple-pda instead.
>> If you make your plus-pda skin extend plus-desktop skin, it will go 
>> through
>> simple-desktop. (you've verified this, right?)
>> You don't want that. You want your plus-pda skin to extend
>> plus-desktop skin, but then you want that to go through simple-pda 
>> instead of simple-desktop.
>> I've thought about this some and I think we need a concept of a 
>> render-kit-neutral skin.
>> This skin, if picked, will default to extend simple-desktop.
>> But if this skin is used as a base skin for plus-pda, it will eventually 
>> extend from simple-pda (the
>> simple skin with the same render-kit-it).
>> Another option is to allow imports in the skinning .css file. So you can 
>> import the stylesheet definitions.
>> We have this feature in XSS, which is why you see  simple-pda.xss imports 
>> simple-desktop.xss.
>> I like the 'abstract' skin idea better. Resource bundles aren't a part of 
>> the css file, and you might
>> want to inherit those, too.
>> I don't know how hard/easy it is to implement these ideas.
>> One question, how much will need to change if you forget extending 
>> simple-pda, and have your
>> plus-pda skin extend plus-desktop which extends simple-desktop? If it is 
>> just a few fonts, then it might easy enough
>> to go that route until we have something in place.
>> Joseph Rozier wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> The current method of skin inheritance leads to some issues when a
>>> developer wishes to create a skin family targetting desktop and PDA.
>>> There's no way to make a large number of changes that affect both
>>> desktop and pda in one place, and then tweak what needs to be tweaked
>>> for desktop or PDA.  For example, I may want to change the color in
>>> both desktop and PDA, but I might want to change the font size to 20
>>> for the desktop and 6 for the PDA.
>>> The reason for the problem is that each skin can only extend
>>> Trinidad's simple skin.  There is no way to have an abstract "plus
>>> skin" that makes the common changes, and then have a "plus-desktop
>>> skin" and "plus-pda skin" that makes desktop/pda specific changes.
>>> (Also note that today things are a bit odder, because there's a
>>> simple-pda.xss that extends simple-desktop.xss.  If I specify a skin
>>> in trinidad-skins.xml that is for use with the desktop RenderKit, its
>>> css inherits from simple-desktop.xss.  If I instead specify its use
>>> for the pda RenderKit, its css inherits from simple-pda.xss.  However,
>>> this doesn't lead to a solution because my plus.css may override a
>>> font that is specified in simple-desktop.xss or simple-pda.xss, so
>>> that font would now be used on both desktop and pda.)
>>> I'm hoping that the skinning experts can provide insights/solutions to
>>> this problem.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Joey

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