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From "Piyush Hari" <>
Subject "message" and "messageType" in < tr:message> component
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 22:07:07 GMT

I am trying to use 'message' and 'messageType' attribute on a <tr:message> 

According to the trinidad documentation at : 
these attributes are defined as follows:

 - message : The error, warning, or informational text.
 - messageType : The type of the message; acceptable values are "error", 
"warning", "info", and "none". Defaults to "none".

My code is:

<tr:message for="foo" messageType="error" message="This is an error 
<tr:inputText id="foo" simple="true" label="BigInteger field">
    <f:converter converterId="javax.faces.BigInteger"/>
<tr:commandButton id="message" text="Submit"/>

I expect that after the user enters a NON-NUMBER (like "foo") in the 
inputText, the error should display in the message component as "This is an 
error message"(message) with an "error icon" (because messageType="error"). 
However, this does not happen. The first time I open a page, the message 
text ("This is an error message") is already written. When I click submit 
after entering "foo" in the inputText, the message remains on screen and no 
error icon appears.

Am I missing something obvious in the code ?

I will greatly appreciate any response.


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