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From "Scott O'Bryan" <>
Subject Re: [PORTAL] Launch Parameters
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 21:05:02 GMT
Interesting.  I see your point.

Adam Winer wrote:
> This is part of the dialog framework, for returning
> from a dialog shown in-place (instead of in a popup
> window).
> I think it'd be very tough to make this a redirect,
> since there can be *a lot* of parameters (it's basically
> a full POST), and they won't all fit in a GET.
> -- Adam
> On 12/13/06, Scott O'Bryan <> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I'm looking at supporting "launch parameters" for the Portal in
>> Trinidad.  To recap my understanding of them, in the TrinidadFilter,
>> Trinidad does its filter stuff and then does a doFilter on the
>> FilterChain.  When the chain returns, the TrinidadFilter checks for the
>> existence of LaunchParameters and, if they exist, it essentially
>> executes the doFilter again with a modified set of parameters (and thus
>> runs the Lifecycle again).
>> In Portlets we really don't have this capability because this is really
>> controlled by the bridge right now and it is unlikely we'll be able to
>> support this without specific enhancements to the Bridge until JSR-286.
>> So my question is, would I be able to "simulate" this behavior in a
>> portal environment by sending a redirect back to the portlet with the
>> new parameters?  I know that this will cause performance issues in the
>> short term, but it will do so only in a Portal environment and then only
>> until filters are supported in a portal environment.
>> I'm simply not sure how these are used, exactly, which is why I'm asking
>> if the redirect would be functionally equivalent.
>> Scott

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