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From "Scott O'Bryan" <>
Subject Re: [PORTAL] Changes and API review?
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 17:51:12 GMT
The global configurator already treats the render and action request as 
a single entity.  The real question comes in about what happens during 
subsequent render requests.  Sometimes, like storing render attributes, 
you want the request attributes to hang around for an action request and 
each subsequent render.  Other times, you want it to only hang around 
for the physical request.  This is something that the Servlet container 
does not address.

Now that being said, I didn't say the methods were not generally 
applicable.  They are.  But there is no reason, in my opinion to pad the 
API with these additional methods.  The global configurator (and only 
the global configurator) should be accessed directly.  It's 
beginRequest, and endRequest methods will be called whenever appropriate 
whereas the Configurators, by contract, should only be called once per 
physical request (the Global configurator handles state saving).  I had 
to add a new method to disable the GlobalConfigurator for one request 
(to handle the ResourceServlet case.  So putting all this stuff on the 
base configurator object is unclean in my opinion.  Especially 
considering that all configurators should have the same functionality 
for these methods so it would force us to finalize them in order to 
PREVENT people from overriding them in one Configurator and not in another.


Adam Winer wrote:
> Scott,
> Why wouldn't methods that hook the start and end of
> the physical request be generically useful?  Note that
> in my scheme, these'd just be empty methods, not
> abstract methods (or interface methods) that every
> configurator has to implement.
> For that matter, wouldn't we want to make the
> configurator - right off the bat - *only* hook the
> physical request?  What's the use case for ever
> wanting to hook the action and render phases
> independently (via this API, that is)?
> -- Adam

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