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From Jeanne Waldman <>
Subject [Skinning Enhancement] -tr-icon-class or equivalent
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2006 23:33:38 GMT
Hi there,

I see the need to render
<img class="someClass" width="10" height="8"/>
when we render a skinning icon.

However, there is currently not a way to specify a styleclass in the 
skin css file, although we do have a Java API to do this.

We could do something like:

af|foo::some-icon {
    content: url(/path/cat.gif);
    -tr-icon-class: someClass;

Let me know if you think I should/shouldn't open an JIRA enhancement for 

This isn't a critical bug, since the workaround is to use css properties 
inline, and we parse those up and render an inline style property like this:

af|foo::some-icon {
    content: url(/path/cat.gif);
    background-color: blue;
    display: block;
<img style="background-color:blue; display:block" .../>
(or should... there's a bug that I filed that I plan to fix where it 
only renders the last css property.)


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