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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: JBoss Seam & Trinidad integration
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 23:35:57 GMT

Hey, I'd be thrilled to see some better integration.
On the subject of paging, et al:  what'd be wonderful is
a solid implementation of the Trinidad CollectionModel
API, that could handle the following issues:

 (1) Page in data as necessary, automatically
 (2) Report good permanent row keys, so
   that adding/removing rows gets picked up
   without any off-by-one errors.
 (3) Perform sorting directly on the model

-- Adam

On 2/1/07, Peter Muir <> wrote:
> Hello there,
> I'm hoping to do some work to improve the integration of Seam and
> Trinidad.  I've tried to explain the various Seam specific bits but
> I'm very happy to clarify :)
> Firstly, issues that I know of (and have been reported by Seam users):
> * Seam has a tag validateAll, which traverses down the JSF component
> tree looking for UIInput components and adding a validator to them
> (just saves you having to add the validator to each UIInput).  This
> can be fixed in Seam (
> * There is a problem outjecting (this is Seam's way of making an
> object available in JSF) a Trinidad TreeModel (none of the children
> appear). It works quite happily (for example) if you outject an
> object, and then convert it to a (ChildProperty)TreeModel in a
> facelets function.  Anyone got any ideas? Or do I need to dig into
> this ;)
> * Seam uses some EL enhancements (by Stan Silvert) to allow passing of
> method parameters.  These don't work when you use Trinidad BUT I don't
> think this is worth fixing as there is supposed to be an enhancement
> to EL (by Jacob Hookom) becoming available that will allow method
> parameters to work anyway
> (
> Secondly, a few ideas for making the two frameworks work better
> together - my suggestion is to distribute these with Seam as
> jboss-seam-trinidad.jar - an optional jar you could include in your
> project to get this extra functionality.
> 1) @TreeModel & @TreeModelSelection
> The idea here is that in your Java code you could do something like
> @TreeModel(childProperty="children")
> private List<Foo> foo;
> and then, in your view, it would be magically converted to a tree
> model.  Further, when an action is called from the view, if one of the
> nodes of the tree was selected, a property annotated with
> @TreeModelSelection would contain the object representing the node.
> This already works with datamodels so should be straightforward.
> 2) Data paging: Seam includes the ability to page through a query,
> only retrieving that pages worth of records from the persistence layer
> BUT it requires quite a lot of controls on the front end.  Trinidad
> has good paging controls BUT will load all the data and then page in
> JSF.  It would be good to get the best of both and make trinidad
> request only the records it needs.  My initial ideas about achieving
> this are:
> add in some sort of PagingController which Seam could override to do its
> paging
> or
> Use the existing-in-Trinidad RangeChangeEvent to alter query parameters
> 3) Perhaps an @MenuModel annotation (similar to treemodel)
> Thirdly, once you guys have any sort of release out (that we can say
> to Seam users - use this version), we'll add an example of using
> Trinidad and Seam to the set of Seam examples.
> I'd like to hear of any incompatibilities you know about and any other
> integration ideas you guys have :)  Also, it would be great to hear
> how close the areas I've mentioned above are to being in their final
> form or whether there is a lot of refactoring to do.
> I'm tracking this via
> Thanks
> Pete

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