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From Yee-wah Lee <>
Subject tr:datetimeconverter and shortish style
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 00:39:31 GMT
Hi all,

I see the following code in the (server-side) DateTimeConverter and 
think it may be problematic.

1) The default style for dates is set to shortish, which forces the year 
pattern to be at least 4 digits 
/New dateStyle |shortish| has been introduced. Shortish is identical to 
|short| but forces the year to be a full four digits. If dateStyle is 
not set, then |dateStyle| defaults to |shortish|.
2) Accordingly, the converter sets the pattern on its DateFormat to use 
at least 4 digits, if 'y' appears at all. The method is _get4YearFormat()

3) Now, the Javadoc states this for SimpleDateFormat 
/For parsing, if the number of pattern letters is more than 2, the year 
is interpreted literally, regardless of the number of digits. So using 
the pattern "MM/dd/yyyy", "01/11/12" parses to Jan 11, 12 A.D.
So why I think this is a problem:

    *  From the user's perspective, if they enters a date like
      '1/31/07', it becomes January 31st, 7 A.D rather than the (more
      likely intended) January 31st, 2007.
    *  It also seems like the code intends otherwise, because it also
      calls DateFormat's set2DigitYearStart() which is intended for
      parsing 2 digit years.

Does anyone have more background on this? I was able to reproduce the 
behavior using an inputText bound to a backing Date value, and a 
DateTimeConverter attached to it.


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