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From Jeanne Waldman <>
Subject [API] new api on Skin
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 23:50:39 GMT
I'm close to checking in the code regarding adding the Skin's 
styleSheetDocument's id to
the generated css file instead of the version so it will changed when 
the skin's styles
change.. I created  a JIRA issue to track it.
I would like to propose an API on the Skin class to get the Skin's 
StyleSheetDocument's id.
This is so a portal can tell us not to render our stylesheet if they 
have a matching one.
They can use this api to get their stylesheet document id and send it to 
us, along with a
suppressStylesheet flag, and we can suppress the stylesheet if they 
match, otherwise,
we'll default to the portlet skin.
   * Returns the id of the Skin's stylesheet document. This is the 
   * id.
  public String getStyleSheetDocumentId(RenderingContext arc);


Jeanne Waldman wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm proposing putting a hashcode value in the generated css file 
> instead of a version string.
> Let me explain why:
> Now your generated css file will be something like this
> "purple-desktop-incubator-1_2-07-mar-SNAPSHOT-en-ltr-ie-6.css"
> where the version is 1_2-07-mar-SNAPSHOT
> The version # was in the css file name originally so that when a new 
> version
> was released the css file name would change and thus
> the user will get the new css file instead of the old one that is 
> cached in the browser.
> A person that creates a skin might update his skin more often than 
> Trinidad releases
> and so he'll want the generated css filename to change to match his 
> release, not Trinidad's.
> One way to work around the problem is to add the version to the skin 
> file and use that
> in the generated filename.
> But that is one more file that has to get updated when someone changes 
> the skin and/or
> releases a new release, so I don't like that idea. I've also discussed 
> with some coworkers using
> a timestamp, but that got nixed because of the complexities that might 
> occur in load-balanced
> environments.
> I think a better way is to create a hashcode of the Skin's 
> StyleSheetDocument and
> write this in the file. So far people seem to like this idea, and I 
> want to know what you think.
> Creating a hashcode on StyleSheetDocument
> also solves another problem I must solve for the portal project I'm 
> working on.
> They want to tell me to use a particular skin and suppress my 
> stylesheet so that their stylesheet
> can be used instead - this is for performance reasons.
> I can do that ok, but only if the skin's StyleSheetDocument's hashcode
> matches, otherwise the portlet may very well not work with the outer 
> page's (portal's) stylesheet if
> they don't match exactly.
> So I need the portal to tell me their skin's StyleSheetDocument's 
> 'id/hashcode' and I will compare it
> to the portlet's and if they are not the same I will render the 
> portlet skin instead of the skin they requested.
> Anyway, let me know what you think about adding the hashcode to the 
> filename or if you have any questions about this
> proposal.
> Also, for the portal part of the problem, I'll need to add an api to 
> the Skin class to getStyleSheetDocumentId
> or something like that.
> Thanks,
> Jeanne

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