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From Piyush Hari <>
Subject Open PDA patches...
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 21:04:39 GMT

The following JIRAs related to PDA bugs in trinidad are awaiting review 
from the commiters. Some of them are as old as 6 months. Can we expect 
them to be reviewed any sooner ?

ADFFACES-486 : </jira/browse/ADFFACES-486>show/hide icons for a Tree 
component do not display on PDAs. </jira/browse/ADFFACES-486>
ADFFACES-481 : </jira/browse/ADFFACES-481>Warning and Info icons don't 
display on PDAs </jira/browse/ADFFACES-481>
ADFFACES-338 </jira/browse/ADFFACES-338> : adding styles to 
panelLabelAndMessage Help-facet </jira/browse/ADFFACES-338>
ADFFACES-266 </jira/browse/ADFFACES-266> : goButton on PDAs should be 
rendererd as a linked button and not a button </jira/browse/ADFFACES-266>
ADFFACES-220 </jira/browse/ADFFACES-220> : enable indentation of a 
nested panelHeader on a PDA device </jira/browse/ADFFACES-220>
ADFFACES-193 </jira/browse/ADFFACES-193> : fix 'selectRangeChoiceBar' on 
Pocket IE and IE Mobile </jira/browse/ADFFACES-193>
ADFFACES-188 </jira/browse/ADFFACES-188> : fix 'panelChoice' component 
on a PDA </jira/browse/ADFFACES-188>


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