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From Gabrielle Crawford <>
Subject Re: Now that the tip attribute is gone ...
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 16:43:40 GMT

Frank Felix Debatin wrote:

>What's the best way to add a tip?
>I now replaced it with
><af:inputText ...>
>	<f:facet name="help">
>		<af:outputText 
>			inlineStyle="white-space: normal"
>			text="lots of insight"/>
>	</f:facet>
>This looks really clumsy! As a convinced tipper, this blows up my pages by a
>factor of two... what is the recommended pattern of usage?
Do you mean clumsy on the running page or more verbose in the jspx? It's 
more verbose, but it's also more flexible, you can use a showDetail in 
there, for example. Normally you would  use an outputText. What's the 
reason you need the inlineStyle you've added?



>Frank Felix

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