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From "Jeroen Benckhuijsen" <>
Subject AbortProcessingException in launchEvent
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 10:44:42 GMT

I've been working with ADF (a prerelease version after it was open
sourced, before the refactoring of the packages) for some time now and
have been using the dialog framework quite extensively. However, now
I've run into a bug in my application, which I cannot seem to track. The
problem occurs when I throw an AbortProcessingException from a
processLaunch() method, called after starting a dialog. My intention is
to cancel launching the dialog. However, if I do this, the pageflow
scope seems to get messed up, and returning from other dialogs fails. 

I've traced it into the ADF code and it seems to retrieve the wrong
pageflow scope map and this the wrong list of pushed views. It's reusing
an old one, which should have been removed from the stack. The result is
that the dialog framework wants to return to the same view twice,
instead of going to the parent dialog (yes,I've been stacking dialogs
quite extensively, up to 6 levels).

I've tried searching on google for some answers, but no references seem
to exist on the behaviour of throwing an AbortProcessingException from a
dialog launch. What I did notice is that before launching the dialog, a
pageflow scope is pushed, so I'm guessing this doesn't get popped,
resulting in the mess.

Anybody got an idea how to solve this?



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