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From Matthieu Riou <>
Subject Agila BPEL's birth
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 21:03:38 GMT
I just finished the big refactoring to change package names and
include licenses. Everything is checked in under modules/bpel and
former Agila's sources are under modules/bpm. If you want to check
this out and build Agila BPEL (will have to get used to the name), the
building guide is here:

Comments are very welcome :)

My first priorities now are going to be:
   * Move the wiki documentation to Apache's wiki (we are using
Confluence right now).
   * Move the big and issues to Apache's (we are using Jira).
   * Update Agila's homepage to reflect these changes.

Is it possible to have a wiki and Jira project for an incubated
project? Will I need some special rights to complete these tasks?

What I think should be done then (in no particular order):
   * Complete the necessary steps to graduate from the incubator.
   * Identify what to do to make Agila BPEL and Agila BPM "look" more
like each other (library used, packagin, deployment).
   * Integrate Agila BPEL and Agila BPM.
   * Implement the missing features to support 100% of the WS-BPEL
specs (mainly scope and compensation) in Agila BPEL.
   * Enhance BPEL documents validation.
   * Fix the bugs and limitations currently registered.
   * Implement many more nice features.

There are a couple of committers who were working on Twister on a
regular basis that I'd like to bring here too, if it's possible even
if Agila is still under incubation. Slowing down development and
activity would also mean losing interest from potential users and

So don't hesitate to look into Agila BPEL, propose enhancements (many
things are very far from perfect) and say it if you're interested in
something. I'll be very happy to provide any information and help.

Thanks a lot,


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