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From Roman Zulauf <>
Subject Contribution
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 13:46:07 GMT
Dear all,

with delight I have seen that the Apache software stack is finally being 
complemented with a BPM/workflow solution.

I myself have have designed and implemented two different commercial 
Java workflow engines, one used as as a complete BPM suite (called 
Amazonas Workflow), and one used for low-level hardware-control in the 
printing industry.

I am interested in contributing to the Apache community, since as a 
developer Apache tools aid you daily and at some point you should give 
something back. And now that a BPM project is incubating, I can 
contribute in my favorite field.

The company I work for is now considering in donating our BPM suite (or 
parts of it) to the Apache community. It is an XPDL-based engine and 
implements not the complete, but a very large subset of the XPDL 
specification by the Workflow Management Coalition. It comes with a 
process designer (table based, not graphical), a JSP/Servlet-based 
Web-Client (Worklist, Activity Administration, Process Administration, 
etc) and of course the core engine with a CORBA and SOAP interface 
(WfXML-Standard). The engine runs currently as a standalone service with 
an integrated webserver. The whole product comprises well over 200'000 
lines of code and comment.

If you want to have a look at it, see (sorry, german!) or you can 
download it from

The question that arises is, are you guys interested in a further 
donation? As I see some kind of merge work to be done anyways between 
Agila and Twister, this may be the time to merge three products. My 
vision would be creating a state-of-the art product that would beat any 
commercially available BPM/BPEL solution in the true Apache style.

So, what do you guys think?


Roman Zulauf, Software Engineer NDS FH     Object Engineering GmbH                      Birmensdorferstr. 32
Tel: ++41 (0) 44 400 47 00         CH-8142 Uitikon-Waldegg/Zuerich
Fax: ++41 (0) 44 400 47 07          

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