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From Glenn J Gonzales <>
Subject Re: [not-jira-anymore] Created: (AGILA-11) Support the usage of multiple WSDL documents
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 08:11:24 GMT
Hi Matthieu!

Matthieu Riou wrote:

>Hi Glenn,
>I think the discussion should go on using the list and the result of
>it should be included in Jira if it involves completing tasks or
>developments. Agreed?

>So let's say you have your 10 web services created using Axis. Using
>Axis again you can ask it to generate the WSDL for each of these 10
>web services. You want to write a WS-BPEL process named 'foo-process'
>using 6 of these 10 web services. You'll have to build a new WSDL
>document (named for example 'foo-process-wsdl') by copying and pasting
>the content of each of the 6 web services WSDL documents and tweaking
>a bit the namespaces.
>Now you want to write another process named 'bar-process' that will
>use 8 of the previously created web services. Some story again...
>The goal here would be to simply deploy the 10 WSDL docs as generated
>by Axis and write your WS-BPEL process using their namespaces. When
>the BPEL is deployed we can simply browse the WSDL docs that have been
>deployed previously, get the ones with the right namespaces and use
>them at need (the greatest need being when we invoke on of the ports).
>Actually that's already what we are doing but only supporting ONE web
>service document. The idea is simply to extend this to ANY NUMBER of
>documents in the deployer and in web services invocation.
>Is this a better explanation or am I still not clear? If not, I'll
>have to get my english corrected ;)
Your explanation is quite clear, thanks! I'll go look into it and see 
what I can contribute :)



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