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From Matthieu Riou <>
Subject Re: [not-jira-anymore] Created: (AGILA-11) Support the usage of multiple WSDL documents
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 07:17:47 GMT
Hi Glenn,

I think the discussion should go on using the list and the result of
it should be included in Jira if it involves completing tasks or
developments. Agreed?

So let's say you have your 10 web services created using Axis. Using
Axis again you can ask it to generate the WSDL for each of these 10
web services. You want to write a WS-BPEL process named 'foo-process'
using 6 of these 10 web services. You'll have to build a new WSDL
document (named for example 'foo-process-wsdl') by copying and pasting
the content of each of the 6 web services WSDL documents and tweaking
a bit the namespaces.

Now you want to write another process named 'bar-process' that will
use 8 of the previously created web services. Some story again...

The goal here would be to simply deploy the 10 WSDL docs as generated
by Axis and write your WS-BPEL process using their namespaces. When
the BPEL is deployed we can simply browse the WSDL docs that have been
deployed previously, get the ones with the right namespaces and use
them at need (the greatest need being when we invoke on of the ports).
Actually that's already what we are doing but only supporting ONE web
service document. The idea is simply to extend this to ANY NUMBER of
documents in the deployer and in web services invocation.

Is this a better explanation or am I still not clear? If not, I'll
have to get my english corrected ;)



On 5/18/05, Glenn J Gonzales <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking to contribute to this effort too, and I just want to clarfiy
> the objective for this issue... From your example, does this mean that
> you have to copy-paste all 10 wsdl for EACH of the 10 processes? And
> that what is needed is to be able to deploy the 10 wsdl and allow the
> any process that uses a service defined by those 10 to be available to
> that process? (so that you deploy the wsdl's only once). Thanks!
> Cheers,
> Glenn
> PS.
> Should I send Jira-related questions/comments to this mail list or
> should I put my comments/questions using Jira? Thanks again.
> Matthieu Riou (JIRA) wrote:
> >Support the usage of multiple WSDL documents
> >--------------------------------------------
> >
> >         Key: AGILA-11
> >         URL:
> >     Project: Agila
> >        Type: Improvement
> >  Components: BPEL Engine, BPEL Deployer
> >    Versions: 0.1
> >    Reporter: Matthieu Riou
> >
> >
> >Support the deployment of multiple WSDL used in a single process. Let's say you have
10 web services and also 10 processes. All your processes use several and sometimes even all
of the web services. Right now you'll have to build 10 other WSDL documents by copying and
pasting the content of your web services WSDL docs to match those needed by your processes.
> >
> >The idea here would be to deploy all the WSDL documents specific to your services
and directly use them in your BPEL process through their namespaces.
> >
> >
> >
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