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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: problem building agila
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 20:39:56 GMT
Christoph Sturm wrote:

>Hey guys!
>I am in need for a decent bpel engine and thats why i want to try
>agila. i tried to build the bpel module, but i have a lot of missing
>for example:
>wsdl20model-20041025.jar (try downloading from
>wsdlvalidate-20041025.jar (try downloading from
>the mentioned website doest exist anymore, and so i am stuck here.
>is agila bpel buildable right now?
>does it run?
>does it depend on jboss aop, will this dependency go away?
>what wsdl and bpel versions does it support? 

i had similar problems - first make sure to use Apache SVN (not the CVS code that is mentioned
in twister confluence docs) 

svn co

and after playing with "maven.repo.remote=..." in i succeeded ...


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