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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: <message><reply><status>ok</status></reply></message>
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 14:46:38 GMT
Matthieu Riou wrote:

>Hi Niko,
>This is quite normal as most of the engine processing and the invocation
>itself generally occurs asynchronously. Agila BPEL only tells you if the
>message has been accepted properly but can't force the calling thread to
>wait until another web service has been invoked, that just wouldn't make
>sense in the great majority of situations.
i think the standard (?!) way to do it with WS-Addressing / HTTP is to 
return  HTTP 202 status code and no HTTP body?



>However if you want a given execution to be totally synchronous when
>invoking the engine, you'll have to use a receive / reply sequence (and use
>an outputVariable for the invokes in between for which you'll use the result
>in your reply).
>For example:
><receive partner="client" .../>
><invoke partner="quoteProvider" ... outputVariable="quotes" ... />
><reply partner="client" ... variable="quotes" ... />
>Hope this helps. Cheers,
>Matthieu Riou.
>On 11/2/05, <> wrote:
>>I've spend some time experimenting with twister and there is one thing
>>that i don't understand.
>>When i try to run a process who invokes another webservice (like example 3
>>from the distribution), i get
as return value form
>>that web service instead of the corresponding returnvalue (the quote in
>>example 3) Is this normal? Or why don't i get the correspondig quote from
>>a given symbol ?
>>Thanks in advance

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