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From Richard Frovarp <>
Subject Re: Moving some minor issues from 0.0.2 to 0.0.1 to get them committed before the release?
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 23:33:18 GMT
On 03/02/2011 04:03 PM, Chapuis Bertil wrote:
> Good point. Personally I think that the release should not block the
> development of 0.0.2. It seems that the solution proposed in [1] could make
> sense in our case. if there is no objection I propose to create a stable
> branch with the current state of the trunk and to start applying the patches
> for 0.0.2 on the trunk. The 0.0.1 release will be made from the stable
> branch.
> [1] -

The Incubator docs link to that blog entry as well. I don't know that I 
see the benefit of going to this.

The entry states this:

"Usually when explaining this model to a new group of developers they 
realize at some point someone (like Bob) or some people will have to do 
the work of merging changes from trunk to stable, and that the tool 
support for stuff like that is a bit limited."

and this

"For small and/or mature projects I do often revert back to having just 
a trunk."

So who is going to do that work on this project? My concern is that 
merges will always happen, which is just an extra step to do beyond 
using just a trunk. The other option is that merges rarely happen, and 
trying to figure out what needs to be merged becomes a problem.

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