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From "" <>
Subject Selecting parser based on actual response content, and not just content-type header
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2011 12:10:57 GMT
Hello everybody,

I have just started using the Droids library and I am really enjoying it.
I have customized a few classes and managed to create a simple proof
of concept quite easily; the "major" problem was finding out where to
actually set the User-Agent used for making requests.

But trying to move to a little more complex scenario, I have stumbled
into a problem.

I would like to pick the Parser based not on the content-type header,
but on actual content of the response.

Before trying to sort out how to implement this feature, I wanted to
ask if it is worth trying to extend the core classes in order to
implement this feature; or is it a problem not worth a generic
solution, so I better find a way to implement it without messing with
core classes.

Thanks for your attention.


Giulio Cesare

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