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From Alan Gates <>
Subject Fate of the hcatalog-dev list
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 23:35:10 GMT
Now that HCatalog is part of Hive we need to be using Hive's dev and user lists (, rather than hcat-user and hcat-dev.  The question is how to wind down
these list.  As I see it we have three options:

1) Merge each list into the Hive equivalent (eg hcat-dev -> dev@hive), moving all subscribers
onto the appropriate Hive list.  The problem with this is that, prior to merging, hcat lists
got ten or less messages a day.  Hive's lists generate 100+ messages a day.  Being involuntarily
subscribed to a mailing list that generates that volume of mail is not user friendly.

2) Forward each list to the Hive equivalent, but don't move the subscribers.  This has the
weird effect that people will be sending messages to a list they may not be subscribed to
and thus may not see the replies to their messages without them realizing it.

3) Shut down this list with no forwarding after announcing every way we can think of that
this list is replaced by dev@hive.  This way when people send an email it will bounce and
they'll know they need to try somewhere else.

I vote for 3 because it avoids spamming people with massive extra mail and avoids people sending
mail into what for them is a black hole.  But I'm open to arguments that that's the wrong

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