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From Nicholas Sterling <Nicholas.Sterl...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Kato API javadoc
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 07:30:02 GMT

Steve, if we do end up having a concall, which I think would probably 
help, would you mind if I invited Alan Bateman of the HotSpot team to 


Steve Poole wrote:
> Well at last ! -  we actually have the API javdoc available -  it's here
> I'm certainly not going to hold this up as a the greatest javadoc in the
> world but its a good place to start.  I do feel that we have  finally
> arrived :-)
> The API has lots of "DTFJ"ness to it that needs to go but I'm really
> interested in intitial reactions to the javadoc -  is the form of the API
> what you expected?
> Moving on - there is still code needed to make the API work (we need to get
> the hprof support working)   but  we can make progress in the interim.  I
> want to move quickly towards having a regular heat beat where we are moving
> through the usecases that we have.  To do that we need to  get  up to speed
> with the API shape as it stands today.    Stuart has published some info on
> the  API but its not really sufficent for educational needs :-)
> Is it worth holding a conference call so that we can walk through the API to
> explain why its the shape it is or is everyone comfortable with just more
> doc?
> Cheers
> Steve

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