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From Stuart Monteith <>
Subject Re: Oracle JSR 326 representative
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 08:58:23 GMT
Welcome Serguei!
	It looks like you are precisely the person we need, your resume below 
covers most of the areas and issues we have had with JSR-326. I you have 
any questions, feel free to post here and we'll answer them as soon as 
we can (or I, Steve is AFK this week).

I look forward to hearing from you regarding Oracle's position.


On 24/10/11 22:57, wrote:
> Steve,
> Thank you for introducing me!
> Hi the JSR experts,
> I'm excited to join the group and have a chance to work with you, guys.
> The "Post-mortem analysis" topic looks pretty interesting to me.
> This work may enable some features the Java platform has long been missing.
> I've been working in the serviceability area on debugging and profiling
> for a while.
> I was a member of the Serviceability team at Sun Microsystems for 5 years.
> My main project was JVMTI but I also covered some other parts in JDK and
> Hotspot VM,
> for instance, the java support for Solaris Pstack utility and DTrace
> framework.
> This work enabled mixed java+native stack traces for Pstack and DTrace.
> I also had a chance to develop a sample-based CPU profiler for Android
> when worked at Samsung in the last couple of years.
> As Steve already said, the business priorities for Oracle participation
> is not set yet.
> But it is going to be defined pretty soon, in a couple of weeks, I hope.
> Best regards,
> Serguei
> On 10/20/11 1:15 AM, Steve Poole wrote:
>> Hi all, I'd like to introduce you to Serguei Spitsyn who will be
>> representing Oracle on the JSR.
>> I met Seguei at JavaOne this year (or rather in a cafe just outside :-)
>> along with a bunch of other Oracle folk.
>> We had an interesting meeting. I'd characterise it as one in which the
>> technical folk can see the benefit of all or some of the API but
>> the business priority for their level of participation has yet to be set.
>> OpenJDK complicates the matter too - some of what we have discussed on
>> this
>> list may end up being more appropriately developed in OpenJDK.
>> I'm sure Serguei can introduce himself and explain a little more of where
>> Oracle stands with the JSR.

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