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From Stuart Monteith <>
Subject Re: Oracle JSR 326 representative
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 16:41:15 GMT
Hello Serguei,

	Has there been any progress regarding Oracle's particitpation in the 
project? I'm keen to find out before December as it is then that we 
submit out next report to the IPMC about the status of the Kato project, 
and I'd like to end the year on some good news.


On 24/10/11 22:57, wrote:
> Steve,
> Thank you for introducing me!
> Hi the JSR experts,
> I'm excited to join the group and have a chance to work with you, guys.
> The "Post-mortem analysis" topic looks pretty interesting to me.
> This work may enable some features the Java platform has long been missing.
> I've been working in the serviceability area on debugging and profiling
> for a while.
> I was a member of the Serviceability team at Sun Microsystems for 5 years.
> My main project was JVMTI but I also covered some other parts in JDK and
> Hotspot VM,
> for instance, the java support for Solaris Pstack utility and DTrace
> framework.
> This work enabled mixed java+native stack traces for Pstack and DTrace.
> I also had a chance to develop a sample-based CPU profiler for Android
> when worked at Samsung in the last couple of years.
> As Steve already said, the business priorities for Oracle participation
> is not set yet.
> But it is going to be defined pretty soon, in a couple of weeks, I hope.
> Best regards,
> Serguei

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