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From Eric Kolotyluk <>
Subject Wildcard includeSource
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2011 18:29:20 GMT
Is there some way to wildCard the <includeSource> element? I have a 
project in which the source is generated by another phase in another 
project in Maven, so there are source files being added and deleted all 
the time. It is really not convenient to have to itemize ever source 
file in the <configuration> element, but I noticed that if I don't the 
sources do not get compiled.

I cannot seem to find any documentation on the <includedSources> and 
<includedSource> elements.

On the other hand, maven-compile-plugin seems to know to copy all the 
sources found to the target directory anyway, but only the ones in the 
<includedSources> element actually get compiled.

As an aside, why is it named maven-compile-plugin instead of 
maven-compiler-plugin like for Java?


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