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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Re: Expected scope of "Adding Face Recognition to Photark" in GSoC 2011
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 18:29:11 GMT
On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 8:16 AM, Subash Chaturanga <> wrote:
> Hi Luciano,
> According to the thoughts I have shared before on the dev list regarding
> this topic under the subject "How face recognition can be used to make
> Photark gallery rich in details as well as in functionality", here's the
> scope I would think.
> 1. Implement a Photark face recognition service module as a separate
> package.
> 2. Implement the FaceRecognitionService class (in this case it recognizes
> facebook friends for a given user) where it has the capability to train
> given set of user IDs from face book  and recognize them in a given domain.
> 3.1 Provide back end support to add an option in gallery for each album, to
> view how many and the names of face book friends inside a given album(which
> will be a pretty handy and kind of new feature for Photark).
> 3.2 Provide UI support for 3.1
> What are your suggestions (to add more option in the scope or change any
> existing one) ? *such as* extending recognition to private name spaces or
> Twitter or go with Twitter instead of Facebook.
> So I would like to know whether this is the expected scope or whether it may
> not attainable in the GSoC period or it is less than the expected scope from
> this project idea ?
> As I am already in the process of writing the proposal based on this, would
> like to here your thoughts :-)

I'd clarify more on what does it mean to "implement face
recognitions", what use cases you are tying to support. And then a
high level time line for some milestones (e.g when you think 1, 2, 3
etc will be ready) which will be useful for measuring progress during
mid-term evaluation.

Luciano Resende

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