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From 杨定裕 <>
Subject Re: How to use S4 to implement Join operator
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 02:51:03 GMT
Hi, Shailendra,
I save the data in the PE like this:

private List<Event> T_lineitem = new ArrayList<Event>();

private long count = 0;

And in the onEvent(Event event){
T_lineitem .add(event)

I find the count works correct in each same PE, but T_lineitem stores all
the data in every PE.
That means the list T_lineitem  are shared for every PE.
I don't know what is the problem.

Thank you!
Dingyu Yang

2012/10/3 Shailendra Mishra <>

> I am assuming you are planning on doing windowed joins - all you need
> to do is keep save the window state and on each insert to the state
> data strucuture check if the window has expired. If the window does
> expire then compute the join and output it. Now this logic works only
> for tumbling windows for sliding windows you have to work harder,
> however the logic is kinda similar. - Shailendra
> On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 1:24 AM, 杨定裕 <> wrote:
> > I have read the paper of S4: Distributed Stream Computing Platform.
> > There is a example of Joining: Click-through rate. Two data tables
> RawServe
> > and RawClick are joined according 'serve' column.
> > The data with same serve in two tables are sent to the same PE. The data
> are
> > streaming to the PE and joined.
> >  I have a question :
> > While there are new tuples sent to the PE, PE has no previous data and
> > previous data in the PE are discarded after streaming processing.
> > As I know,the data is not stored in the PE.
> > So how can I join the data in the PE?
> >

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